Community Involvement!

Corinne Harper Jones loves to get involved and speak up! You can find Corinne and her husband, Mitch Jones involved in a number of different organizations in the Etobicoke area. 

Volunteering or "getting involved" as she likes to call it- comes naturally to her. Her parents were individuals who loved to socialize and were actively involved in not only her family life but in their community.

If you need help with organizing an event or  are looking for volunteers please do not hesitate to email Corinne at

A list of Corinne’s contributions to her local community: -Volunteer Bookeeper April 2010-August 2014

Alderwood Cooperative Nursery School – Fundraising Director July 2014-June 2015

Alderwood Cooperative Nursery School-Fundraising Director July 2015-June 2016

Alderwood Cooperative Nursery School- Acting President April 2016-June 2016

Alderwood Cooperative Nursery School – President June 2016-July 2017

Alderwood Cooperative Nursery School- Past President Advisory Role July 2017-June 2018

Sir Adam Beck School Council – Member at Large Board Member October 2017-present